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Top Q & A

Can you automate the creation of folios including costs and revenues with the API out of an ERP for instance?

Yes you can, we have a full rest API. You can read more in our documentation.

What currencies are supported by Tempo Folio? Do you support Brazilian Real, for example?

Tempo Folio supports all currencies, including the Brazilian Real.

Can you capture revenue based on a JIRA issue rather than on a team?

If you wish to have a custom field that could hold an amount attached to an issue and have that amount credited when this issue is “completed,” then unfortunately Tempo Folio does not support this mechanism at the moment. This is something that is in our backlog and something very similar has been implemented in Tempo Books. We intend to re-use that mechanism in a future release and even apply it to the expenses. This will allow you to have some kind of approval system build in JIRA.