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Tempo Folio Webinar- What’s New in Tempo Folio X and 10.1

Top Q&A

Q: Is it possible to plan staff according to a required estimate of time rather than by specific issues?

A: The planning timeline is simply an extra feature offered to help you build your plan, but it is your choice as to whether or not you want to use it. Another option is when you’re setting up your folio, you can chose to plan from the availability of your staff members.

Q: What is a Folio?  Is this a field pulled in from JIRA?

A: No, a folio is an entity that belongs to Tempo Folio itself. It is essentially the same thing as a project, but we use the term folio to avoid confusion with JIRA’s projects.

Q: What is Tempo’s position with respect to the JIRA Portfolio product? It seems to offer similar functionality.

A: JIRA Portfolio is actually a forecasting and roadmap tool. It does not deal with any financials. It will help you with roadmapping and forecasting the end dates of your projects based on the skill sets that you have. Tempo Folio is more of a tracking tool and the end date is projected based on performance and financials, which isn’t offered with JIRA Portfolio. So the two tools are more complimentary and are not in competition with each other.

Q: Does Tempo Folio integrate with JIRA Portfolio?

A: JIRA Portfolio has not yet opened its API, but as soon as it does we will be more than happy to integrate with them in the future.

Q: How can you associate issues to a folio?

A: When you create a folio you have multiple options to set the scope. You can use a JIRA project or multiple JIRA projects as your scope, which will take all of the issues within the project or projects and associate them to the folio. You can also use JIRA saved filters and JQL and pinpoint any issues within JIRA and associate them to your folio.

Q: Does the planning timeline as we have seen in the demo require Tempo Planner or is that a purely Tempo Folio feature?

A: No, the planning timeline as has been shown in this webinar is available within Tempo Folio without having to have a Tempo Planner license. We have, however, also integrated with Tempo Planner and if you are using both, you will see the planning you have done within Tempo Planner reflected on this timeline. And of course if you also have Tempo Planner, you have many more capacity and resource planning options.

Q: Does Tempo Folio mine data from Jira issues such as the time tracking fields?  

A: Yes, Tempo Folio will automatically take the data from JIRA worklogs on issues within the scope of the folio. If you are using Tempo Timesheets, it will also automatically take the data from Tempo Timesheets worklogs.

Q: Can you customize some of the financials, for example cost of delay for a project that has gone beyond its timeline?

A: Yes, you can customize the financials. In Tempo Folio everything is customizable, all of the expenses, positions, and so on. The tool is very flexible.