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Tempo Planner Webinar – What’s new in Tempo Planner 3.2 and 3.3?

Top Q & A

Can you show a use case where there are not dedicated teams for projects? Or showing planning as it relates to role/department vs project team?

Unfortunately we don’t have anything prepped as this is the main usage of Tempo Planner, however we have it on our roadmap to expand it and make it a little bit general and focus on planning for individual team members instead of having it just for teams. So if you want more information on that you can contact us via email at Also if you want to tell us about your use case or how you would like Tempo Planner to work for you, we’d gladly like to hear your feedback.

Does delete plan also delete the task?

No, it does not delete a task. You can have many plans for some tasks, so there is many to one relation regarding the tasks.

In the program screen, there were warning indicators around over budget, are those pulled in from Tempo Timesheets?

You can put estimates on the epics so they don’t come from Tempo Timesheets, it’s a manager feature where you can do high-level planning for the epics and then you can see what the progress is for that as you go along. It will take the logged hours from Tempo Timesheets so that’s where the progress bar comes into play, it’s logged work versus estimated work, compared to a budget.

How do you plan for capacity requests to certain roles in the team (i.e. project manager, programmer, and tester from different teams)? But he doesn’t know the real team members.

We do not support this at the moment but this is however something that we have on our roadmap. That managers can request developers or whatever type of role they need for their project.

Can you have resources that are allocated in percentages?

Yes, you can do that. You can choose either to do it in hours or percentages.