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More than 10,000 customers around the globe, including small teams, academia, government institutions, and leading global enterprise, are embracing the benefits of better organizational visibility and efficiency, collaboration, and project management. Here's a sampling of them.

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“Nobody likes to enter time! To help our organization get better insight into where we are in our delivery process, having up-to-date information about where resources are spending their time is important. Getting our engineers to enter their time helps us in this endeavor.”
Sean deBardelaben, Lead Product Development Manager, AT&T
“In its first year, Starz saved $100,000 on software tools alone after migrating to JIRA. Last year, Starz saved more than $500,000 after implementing Tempo Timesheets to manage time against projects. But perhaps more importantly, employees are able to be more efficient in their jobs."
Mike Waldron, QA Manager, Starz
"Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheet have become a crucial part of the way we do business. We are currently managing over 110 employees and more than 600 active projects using Tempo and with the new Tempo Planner, our teams are able to easily plan their Agile projects in a matter of minutes. Tempo’s software solutions helps us manage the hardest parts of a running a service-orientated organization."

Rob Wiek, CEO, YouWe
"Tempo Budgets for JIRA is our organization's most valuable add-on. It enables us to truly track project and portfolios through Earned Value Management (EVM). It's an unbelievable tool and rivals other premier, more expensive PPM and EVM offerings. I highly recommend this tool for your organization if you are tracking time or want to gain control of your project portfolio!"
Jason Jenneret, Head of the Vendor Management Office and Project Management Office, Natixis Global Asset Management
If you want to make work logging for your team virtually friction-free and really feel like you have the insight into that logging, along with the capability to effectively manage the process, you should take a serious look at Tempo Timesheets.
Michael Kuhl, Senior Manager of IT Operations

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