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Tempo’s efficiency and transparency-enhancing tools have become critical for the largest organizations implementing Atlassian’s JIRA, delivering enterprise-level requirements including scalability, manageability, and extensive customization that big businesses need. Our customers see the strength of integrated agile project and portfolio management solutions to drive their long-term success, staying flexible, nimble, and smart.

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JIRA Data Center support

Premier support and strategic services serve the business needs of the largest JIRA customers.

Atlassian Enterprise provides mission critical products, premier support, and strategic services for customers to get the most out of their Atlassian applications. With JIRA Data Center compatibility, Tempo delivers flexibility, high availability, and performance at scale, ensuring that our largest enterprise customers are not without our vital solutions to help businesses plan for, manage, and track their teams, projects, and portfolios.

Enterprise license tiers for non-JIRA Data Center

Start with your team. Scale for your business.

Tempo offers flexible licensing options that can scale as your business grows. Use these license plans as an entry point. Stay on top of all your projects, increase business value, productivity, and employee satisfaction, and gain peace of mind. If you need the full functionality or an enterprise-ready platform covering enterprise level requirements, this licensing plan is for you.

Custom workload and holiday schemes

Manage your distributed teams centrally and transparently. Keep everyone connected.

Customizable workload and holiday schemes enable businesses with different team schedules and holidays to easily manage workflow, plan and track team time, and keep everyone in sync. Custom and default workloads are reflected in Tempo for easy visual reference, including timesheets, reports, and planning timelines. Tempo Teams can be comprised of several different workload schemes, which makes accounting for independent contractors, part-­time employees, or employees with different weekend schedules easy.

Flexible permissions

Granular data visibility options keep those who need to know stay in-the-know.

Tempo’s customizable permissions settings and team management features give admins greater flexibility and oversight of information access on Tempo based on team member roles.

Manage internal issues

Keep track of internal, non-billable matters. Know how efforts are being spent.

Tempo makes it easy to create, manage, and distinguish internal, non-billable aspects of work, such as sick days and vacation time from billable work, to help keep track of employee time and availability. Create internal issues with JIRA and Tempo according to your organizational needs, then plan for and log time against them. Visual indicators let managers and team leads to get a better view of staff presence, allowing them to plan and adapt accordingly.

REST APIs for integration

Connect your favorite business applications with Tempo and JIRA for boundless opportunities.

With robust REST APIs for Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, Tempo Folio, and Tempo Books, customers can leverage Tempo and JIRA data and export to external business applications for invoicing and analysis. In-depth API documentation is available for easy reference.

Customer and account management

Deliver on time and on budget. Keep your customers happy.

Tempo’s Accounts features span the product suite, giving managers transparency on project progress and the ability to accurately divide up time and resources and the ability to analyze and adapt with real-time business data. Easy import and export of account data gives managers flexibility in planning, managing, and tracking on client accounts and projects for billing.

Support your Agile teams

Reinforce iterative, incremental development, teamwork, collaboration, and process adaptability.

Tempo’s product suite supports agility on the team, program, and portfolio level, including enterprises implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), for Agile methods throughout the full lifecycle of the project, from defining requirements, through development, to operations.

Real-time business data

Identify risks and immediately react to them.

Tempo’s reporting features and user gadgets provide customizable, visual information for team members, team leads, project and account managers, and executives, enabling teams to better identify where they’re at, where they need to be, and adapt to unexpected problems that arise. Knowing immediately if these issues have been mitigated. Tempo data helps you stay on top of your projects, increase business value, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Tempo enterprise

Get premium support and access to product updates.

With a Tempo license for JIRA Server, you get to:

  • Deploy a single instance of Tempo for JIRA in a production environment (Tempo for JIRA Data Center customers can deploy over multiple servers)
  • Use Tempo for an unlimited number of projects and issues
  • Perpetual use of Tempo for JIRA Server (purchasing additional maintenance and support is entirely optional)
  • Software maintenance for 12 months, including all product updates and online support (purchase of additional Tempo maintenance for JIRA Server is optional)

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