Resource management and planning for JIRA

Tempo Planner offers visualized information for team and project planning centrally in JIRA. Managers and teams can plan projects, releases, and higher-level initiatives, and flexibly adapt as needed. Say goodbye to your spreadsheets and other external planning tools.

Server licenses

from $100 per year

Cloud licenses

from $10 per month

How it works

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Visualized resource management

Plan and manage team resources transparently, flexibly, and without reliance on spreadsheets.

Tempo Planner integrates fluidly with JIRA and other Tempo solutions, so you can plan for people, teams, projects, releases, and higher-level initiatives with a clear visualization, accounting for flexible hours, vacations, and holidays.

Team and project planning

Manage people, teams, projects, releases, and higher-level initiatives.

Turn your JIRA issues, projects, and agile boards into executable planning timelines to keep your teams transparent and in sync, and your deadlines intact. Plan and report on tasks and projects, factoring in capacity, utilization, and team member roles.

Manage team and program capacity

Ensure that team members are efficiently utilized and working towards shared goals.

Get a detailed breakdown of team capacity to ensure synchronized team efforts. Manage risks with data display options that allow you a clear view of team progress and utilization.

Tempo Mobile is now integrated with Tempo Planner

View today’s tasks and easily convert plans into worklogs. Download for free for Android and iOS.

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Customer testimonials

"Before Tempo Planner, we were relying on Excel spreadsheets. We wanted an automated tool to have better visibility for allocation of resources and project planning, and to be capable of linking that to our actual work.”

John Twomey
Senior Manager of Systems Development, Mazda

“Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets have become a crucial part of the way we do business. We are currently managing over 110 employees and more than 600 active projects. With Tempo Planner, our teams are able to plan their Agile projects in a matter of minutes.”

Rob Wiek
CEO, Youwe

Features you’ll love

Centralized team management

Plan and manage for your team resources according to role, allocation, workload and holiday schemes. Keep everyone on the same page and informed.

Roadmap planning

Get a bird's-eye view of all scheduled versions and iterations for multiple JIRA projects via a detailed roadmap.

Program planning

Plan for higher-level epics and requirements for the longer road ahead, or drill down, planning by day, week, or month.

Team board

Visualize the distribution of work efforts in real-time. Know which tasks team members are working on, and assign issues across the board.

Centralized backlog management

Groom your backlogs form one location, prioritizing plan items and assigning them to particular teams.

Plan health statuses

Progress indicators let you know if an epic or initiative is at risk, so you can immediately react.

Tempo Planner is for …

Agile teams

Tempo Planner can benefit Agile software teams with visual resource management seamlessly in JIRA, enabling teams to better plan for sprints, releases, and long-term roadmaps based on team member roles, availability, and needs.
  • JIRA Software
  • JIRA Service Desk
  • JIRA Core

Non-software teams

Not just for development teams. Tempo Planner can be used by all project teams that want to get things done. Manage your teams centrally, plan for your teams and projects based on availability, and manage work efforts in real-time to keep everyone in sync within the organization.
  • JIRA Software
  • JIRA Service Desk
  • JIRA Core

Waterfall teams

Flexibly plan and manage projects, releases, epics in releases, and division of work to teams. Use planned work and availability to calculate and visualize team and project capacity.
  • JIRA Software
  • JIRA Service Desk
  • JIRA Core

Integrate with Tempo

Dive deeper with Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Budgets

Gain more visibility over your business directly in JIRA with Tempo Timesheets for hassle-free time tracking & reporting, and Tempo Budgets for project & portfolio financial management.


Cloud Price list

Team sizeMonthly priceAverage price/user

  • If you have 11 Tempo Planner users, all 11 users fall within the $1.50/user rate. Your total monthly cost would be $16.5 and your average price per users would be $1.50.

Please note that the number of Tempo users must be the same as the amount of the JIRA users.

Cloud License Details

Cloud Benefits

Cloud subscriptions are hassle-free, hosted on demand, and can be enabled through your JIRA admin.

Maintenance and Support

Cloud subscriptions include automatic product updates and email support at no added charge.

Discounts Available for Annual Purchases

Purchase a 12-month subscription in advance and pay the equivalent of 10 monthly payments.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you would like to discontinue use of Tempo, we offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

How is a User Defined?

A user is any user that can log into JIRA.

Calculate your price

Enter your user count into the Atlassian pricing calculator to estimate your bill on the cloud pricing. On steps 2 and 3 of this calculator, you will be able to include the Tempo add-ons in your estimate.

Free trial

Get started for free with a fully functional Tempo license for 30 days. Sign up for a one year subscription, pay for 10 months total.

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Server Price list

10 Users Starter License$100
25 Users $600
50 Users $1,100
100 Users $2,000
250 Users $4,000
500 Users $6,000
2,000 Users $8,000
10,000 Users $10,000
10,000+ Users $12,000

Free trial

Get started for free with a fully functional Tempo license for 30 days.

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Server License Details

Server Benefits

Server licenses are hosted behind your firewall and include optional customization with our APIs.

Maintenance and Support

Server subscriptions include 12 months of product updates and email support at no added charge. Additional maintenance can be purchased optionally in annual increments.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you would like to discontinue use of Tempo, we offer a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. Please note that this does not apply to our starter licenses.

Discounts Available for Academic Institutions

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses.

Free for Open Source and Non-Profits

Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects and non-profits.

How is a User Defined?

A user is any user that can log into JIRA.

Why Tempo?

Easy to adopt

An intuitive user interface helps your team get started in minutes.

Product leadership

Tempo Planner is developed by one of the largest, top-selling, award winning vendors in the Atlassian Ecosystem.

Scales as your business grows

Tempo empowers teams of all sizes, from small startups to large-scale enterprises.

SaaS or on-premise

Deploy Tempo Planner behind your firewall or purchase a subscription hosted for you.

Open integration

Robust APIs let you leverage your data and integrate with your favorite business applications.

Speaks your language

Tempo Planner is available in English and German. Additional translations coming soon!