Do you offer enterprise-level academic licenses for Tempo?

Yes. Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on our licenses for JIRA Server. You can complete an online Purchase form through Atlassian to determine if you qualify to purchase at this discount on the Marketplace. The following organizations are eligible for an Academic License: Educational institutions: Public or private K-12, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, […]

Where can I buy a Tempo enterprise-sized license?

Tempo offers 500 user, 2,000 user, 10,000 user, and 10,000+ licenses for JIRA Server.  Tempo licenses are compatible with JIRA Data Center for the largest JIRA customers. available on the Atlassian Marketplace. If you aren’t currently supported by the Marketplace because you are located in India, you can purchase our Enterprise licenses directly through us.

How is a user defined?

A JIRA user is any user that can log into JIRA. Anonymous users may also be granted access and do not count against license totals. A Tempo user must be a JIRA user and be a member in a group that is selected in Tempo Users and Groups configuration.