Licensing and Pricing

How can I convince my boss to buy Tempo Planner?

How do you justify the benefits of using Tempo Planner for JIRA to your boss when resources may be tight? This letter template will provide you with some key points that you may want to highlight to help make the conversation with your boss a successful one. Sample letter to convince your boss to buy Tempo.

Where can I buy a Tempo Starter License?

10-user Tempo starter licenses are available for JIRA Server, and can be purchased on the Atlassian Marketplace: Try or Buy Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Planner for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Folio for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Books for JIRA Server

What should I do if my usage grows beyond 10 users?

You will need to purchase a license that supports the number of users you require and matching your JIRA user tier. All of our products are available for free evaluation, purchase, upgrade, and renewal through the Atlassian Marketplace: Try or Buy Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud Try or Buy Tempo Planner for JIRA Server and […]

What happens at the end of my first year of usage?

To continue receiving software updates and to have access to our technical support, you will need to purchase a new starter license or select a license tier that better suits your needs. The license holder will be contacted by email prior to the expiration of the included software maintenance period, to serve as a reminder. This […]

How long is a starter license valid for?

The license is a perpetual license and includes 12 months of software maintenance (updates and support) for a full year. When purchasing a starter license, you can purchase additional years of software maintenance  for up to 3 years. You can also upgrade or renew your starter license at any time, up to a maximum of […]

What is a starter license?

A Tempo starter license: Is a perpetual license for the install/JIRA Server version. Must be used with a JIRA Server starter license. Can be purchased on the Atlassian Marketplace. Includes 12 months of full Tempo support and maintenance. Are acceptable for commercial use on a single server. Supports a limited number of users only; you cannot […]

Do you offer starter licenses for Tempo products?

Yes. 10-user starter licenses are available for JIRA Server on the Atlassian Marketplace. Please note that you must have a 10-user JIRA starter license to use a Tempo starter license as well. Please also note that all proceeds from our $100 starter licenses (for Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, and Tempo Folio) go to a charitable contribution to Room to […]

Do you offer enterprise-level academic licenses for Tempo?

Yes. Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on our licenses for JIRA Server. You can complete an online Purchase form through Atlassian to determine if you qualify to purchase at this discount on the Marketplace. The following organizations are eligible for an Academic License: Educational institutions: Public or private K-12, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, […]

Do I need a trial key for a 30-day trial?

Through Atlassian, with your first trial, the 30-day period will start automatically once you enable your Tempo trial through the Universal Plugin Manager using my.atlassian.com, or you opt for a free evaluation through the add-on’s page on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Is Tempo Planner Available for JIRA Cloud?

Yes, we’re proud to say that Tempo Planner is available for JIRA Cloud. You can now buy Tempo Planner for JIRA Cloud directly through the Atlassian Marketplace. Monthly subscriptions are now available, starting at $10 per month for 10 users. Discounts are available for annual subscriptions.

What should I do if our team’s needs have outgrown our license? Can I upgrade?

Tempo Starter Licenses are not upgradeable. You will need to purchase a commercial license that supports the number of users you require. This is inline with Atlassian’s Starter License policy. You can find additional information on the pricing of our products on the Tempo Timesheets products page, the Tempo Planner products page, or the Tempo Books […]

Can I get a refund for my Tempo Starter License?

Given the charitable nature of the monies collected from Starter Licenses, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for Starter License purchases. Please ensure that your Tempo Starter License is compatible with the JIRA license in use.

Should I buy a $100 Starter License or get an evaluation license instead?

If the Starter License is sufficient for your needs, then you should go ahead and buy it. However, if you are evaluating Tempo for deployment in a production environment that requires more users or functionality, then we recommend using a free 30-day evaluation license. This lets you try our products with a larger number of […]

Can I buy products from the Atlassian Marketplace regardless of which country I’m in?

Atlassian is working diligently to get more countries on board and fully supported by the Marketplace as quickly as possible. However, if you are located within a country not currently supported by the Marketplace, you can purchase or try Tempo through one of our established local resellers, all of whom are Atlassian Experts. The Atlassian Marketplace […]