Tempo Books

Where can I buy a Tempo Starter License?

10-user Tempo starter licenses are available for JIRA Server, and can be purchased on the Atlassian Marketplace: Try or Buy Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Planner for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Folio for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Books for JIRA Server

What level of support do I get with a Tempo starter license?

As a Tempo customer, you have full access to our dedicated support service on all Tempo licenses, including starter licenses. Your license includes 12 months’ of software maintenance and support. All proceeds from starter licenses are donated to the fantastic charity, Room to Read. Please note that the same amount of the proceeds donated to Room to Read […]

What should I do if my usage grows beyond 10 users?

You will need to purchase a license that supports the number of users you require and matching your JIRA user tier. All of our products are available for free evaluation, purchase, upgrade, and renewal through the Atlassian Marketplace: Try or Buy Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud Try or Buy Tempo Planner for JIRA Server and […]

What happens at the end of my first year of usage?

To continue receiving software updates and to have access to our technical support, you will need to purchase a new starter license or select a license tier that better suits your needs. The license holder will be contacted by email prior to the expiration of the included software maintenance period, to serve as a reminder. This […]

How long is a starter license valid for?

The license is a perpetual license and includes 12 months of software maintenance (updates and support) for a full year. When purchasing a starter license, you can purchase additional years of software maintenance  for up to 3 years. You can also upgrade or renew your starter license at any time, up to a maximum of […]

Where do I access my Tempo starter license?

Tempo Folio Starter Licenses for JIRA Server are available through the Atlassian Marketplace. You can access your account information through your my.atlassian.com account. Try or Buy Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Planner for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Folio for JIRA Server Try or Buy Tempo Books for JIRA Server

What is a starter license?

A Tempo starter license: Is a perpetual license for the install/JIRA Server version. Must be used with a JIRA Server starter license. Can be purchased on the Atlassian Marketplace. Includes 12 months of full Tempo support and maintenance. Are acceptable for commercial use on a single server. Supports a limited number of users only; you cannot […]

What is the Atlassian Marketplace?

Atlassian provides the Atlassian Marketplace to connect add-on developers to customers with a unified purchasing experience. The Marketplace experience makes it easy for users to manage and renew their licenses. If you have or are interested in a Tempo license, you can now evaluate our license(s) for free there. You can also purchase, manage, renew, […]

Will Tempo plugins make my JIRA application slower?

Yes, it’s possible, although unlikely, as Tempo products have been optimized for large scale use. We aim to make Tempo products work as seamlessly and painlessly as possible to avoid any issues, but it’s important that you learn all you can about our products. To that end, you’re welcome to try Tempo’s products hassle free and […]

What is an Atlassian add-on?

An add-on is a piece of software that enhances another software application, but usually cannot run independently of it; it typically adds new features or functionality to the initial software application. Tempo products work with Atlassian’s JIRA platform to provide a seamless way to connect your organization’s activities and report on them. Tempo products are […]

How do I get an account on Marketplace so I can buy or try Tempo?

You log into Atlassian Marketplace with the same account that you use for MyAtlassian. If, for any reason, you don’t have a MyAtlassian account, you can create one and then log into the Atlassian Marketplace, where you can try or purchase Tempo’s products. All of our products are available for free evaluation, purchase, upgrade, and […]

Do you offer starter licenses for Tempo products?

Yes. 10-user starter licenses are available for JIRA Server on the Atlassian Marketplace. Please note that you must have a 10-user JIRA starter license to use a Tempo starter license as well. Please also note that all proceeds from our $100 starter licenses (for Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, and Tempo Folio) go to a charitable contribution to Room to […]

Do you offer enterprise-level academic licenses for Tempo?

Yes. Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on our licenses for JIRA Server. You can complete an online Purchase form through Atlassian to determine if you qualify to purchase at this discount on the Marketplace. The following organizations are eligible for an Academic License: Educational institutions: Public or private K-12, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, […]

Which license should I buy — Tempo Books or Tempo Folio?

Tempo Folio is a financial portfolio management tool for JIRA that is built around the Earned Value Management methodology, as well as standard cost and revenue reporting. Tempo Books will focus on providing solutions for professional services teams to automate their processes and streamline their operations, including administration, service delivery, and new business generation. The feature […]

Can I get an extended trial period once my 30-day trial has lapsed?

Yes. We’re following Atlassian’s policy regarding extensions of add-on license evaluations obtained through Atlassian’s Marketplace. You can extend your evaluation license through the Marketplace. You can generate a new evaluation license key on the Tempo add-on’s Atlassian Marketplace page and copying that license key into the manage add-on screen in the product’s Administration section. Alternatively, if you […]


Evaluations of Tempo Books licenses are available for JIRA Server on the Atlassian Marketplace.** Note that Tempo Books is not currently available for JIRA Cloud. Those evaluating Tempo Books for JIRA Server will not be billed at the end of their evaluation period. They must purchase their Tempo license via the Atlassian Marketplace, either through their Universal Plugin […]

If I have an issue with the payment for my Tempo license that I’ve purchased through the Atlassian Marketplace, who should I contact?

If you’ve purchased Tempo from the Atlassian Marketplace, and you’ve got a question regarding payment, please contact Atlassian’s sales team. If you’ve got a technical issue regarding Tempo, you can do a couple of things: Ask a question that will go to Atlassian Answers. Smart people from around the world can answer your question, including Tempo’s […]

I’m interested in becoming a Tempo partner. What do I need to do?

Great to hear that! We work with more than 80 Atlassian Experts around the world who offer resale, training, and consultancy for Tempo products in local languages. If you are interested in becoming a parter, please fill out the form linked to on our partner page and we will be in touch shortly.  Alternately, you […]