Tempo for HipChat

Track your workday in Tempo’s time tracking solution for Jira, Tempo Timesheets– directly from HipChat.

Tempo for HipChat is free and available for Tempo Cloud for Jira users.


Track time in Jira from your chat window

Create worklogs linked to Jira issues or add tasks directly from HipChat. Log work using Tempo’s real-time tracker; simply start the tracker when you start a task, pause it if you need a break, and stop it when you’re done.

Keep focused on today’s goals

Manage your workday tasks at a glance using Tempo’s sidebar information. See today’s worklogs and keep track of required and worked hours directly from your workflow. Navigate with a click to your My Work window in Tempo Cloud.

Connect with your team through JIRA for HipChat

Tempo for HipChat works well with JIRA for HipChat. Discuss, prioritize, and share project tasks with your team, directly from a HipChat room. Connect JIRA projects with rooms to receive notifications when team members add tasks; easily log work on those issues from the Tempo sidebar.